Fateslayer and Monstro news

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hello! I haven't been working on the site much and thought I should take a bit of time to setup certain things such as this blog news feed.

Currently I am still awaiting the Form 3, I was given an estimated date a month ago with the date being the 19th of August. However I browse the Formlabs forums quite a bit and have come upon a forum topic of further delays for some customers. I hope for the best but am still prepared for the worst and may expect another month delay. I hope this is not the case. Either way this may push back the delivery date on Monstro and push the kickstarter for Fateslayer back a month.

While I have been waiting on the printer I've been at work writing and creating concepts for Fateslayer and have some minis ready to print. Hopefully everything will align properly and an October launch of the kickstarter will still be possible.

That's about all the current news, will try to keep up with any updates.


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